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Mind Odyssey is a professional practice offering customised services in the areas of: Executive Coaching, Career Coaching, Nature-Based Coaching®, Group Coaching, Organisational Change Consulting, Leadership Training & Facilitation. We are a Singapore-based company serving the Southeast Asia region (including: Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Cambodia).

Our Clients:

We have experience serving clients in multiple sectors: Consumer Businesses (Airlines, Hotels, Hospitality, Food & Beverage), Creative Industries (Technology, Media, Design, Advertising), Financial Services (Investment Banking, Insurance, Retail Banking, Global Payments companies), Pharmaceutical, Professional Services (Legal, Academia, Medical, Human Resources, Learning & Development, Talent), and Real Estate Services.

Executive Coach  l  Career Coach  l  Leadership Facilitator:

John HoldenJohn has over 20 years of international management, executive coaching, consulting, leadership training and facilitation experience in the Technology, Investment Banking, Aviation, Travel, Sales Performance Consulting industries. He has a diverse background and broad professional experiences having lived and worked in Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Maldives, United Kingdom.

John Holden - Mind Odyssey
John Holden – Executive Coach, Career Coach, Leadership Facilitator, Nature Coach, Consultant.


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