Executive Coaching for Entrepreneurs, Startups

Are you the Founder, Co-Founder of a Startup, business venture looking for help in the following areas?

  • Feeling overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, out of control
  • Finding ways to work with partners, investors, stakeholders, staff
  • Issues with scaling up, expanding, staff hiring and retention
  • Dealing with failures and disappointments
  • Searching for purpose, meaning in work, life, relationships
  • Seeking to change or cope with circumstances such as a workplace issue or a challenging relationship
  • Feeling stuck or ineffective
  • Experiencing difficulty in expressing or asserting yourself
  • Failing to meet goals- such as life goals, company goals, relationship goals
  • Issues with confidence or self-esteem
  • In need of better social or communication skills

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Our unique individually customised coaching programs are grounded in over 18 years of international management, executive coaching, consulting, leadership training and facilitation experiences with world-leading companies, combined with clinical psychodynamic-systemic approach.

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