Nature Based Coaching®

This is a unique program providing exceptional value, researched and designed by Mind Odyssey.

Our objective is to connect busy business leaders, professionals, and teams with nature, to promote psychological wellbeing. Nature also provides an effective transitional space, creating a conducive experimentation and learning environment. Our clients for Nature Based Coaching® are often looking for solutions to improve performance in the areas of: Communication, Resilience, Conflict Resolution, Creativity, Innovation, Team Work, Leadership, Organisational Change.

The program is specifically designed for business leaders and business professionals. The program is experiential. Take our HortPark program as an example. We would first start the day in an indoor environment within the Park, with a group activity looking at our Work and Life ‘stressors’. The group would then transition from the indoor space to the outdoor environment for a series of experiential activities including a Nature Objects Box activity, a Rain Tree activity, and a Sit Spot activity. After breaking for lunch, we would then proceed to a more in-depth group coaching session in the afternoon and wrapping up the day with a Mindfulness Walk activity.

Groups & Teams Coaching:

  • We conduct half-day or full-day Nature Based Coaching® workshops for Groups and Teams of 4 to 8 participants . This can be followed by an Individual or a Group based coaching session a few weeks after the workshop

Individuals Coaching:

  • This would be a half-day or full-day Nature Based Coaching® workshop or 5 to 10 1-hour coaching sessions based indoor and outdoor (in nature)