Business Consulting

Our consulting approach is a systemic, psychodynamic one focussing on knowing the client and the client’s business. The main elements of our consulting process are as follows:

  • Individual interviews / group workshop with senior management to understand and support them in framing the case for Organizational Change
  • Organizational observations and interviews with direct reports and teams
  • Assessment and Diagnostic
  • Design and implement interventions which may include facilitated workshops, focus groups, 360-degree evaluations and feedback or other instruments, Individual and Team/Group Coaching
  • Feedback and closure

Family Business Advisory

Our consulting approach combines Family systemic and psychodynamic perspectives. We consider both the behavioural issues and the more enduring belief systems that underpin behaviour at individual, interpersonal, and family levels. This provides insights into the cognitive, emotional, interpersonal, and social spheres. The main stages of our Family Change consulting process is as follows:

  • Triggering event leading to Change: e.g. Business performance, change in environment, Ownership, Stakeholders
  • Engagement, Assessment, Data Collection: engage family members/selected groups (family council, owners council) for interviews and observations, create a Family Genogram, capture data and issue a report in preparation for a Family Meeting
  • Intervention and Action Planning: Convene Family Meetings and Task Force sessions to discuss the report, consider new vision/changes/new behaviours/options
  • Action and Implementation: institutionalizing change through creating acceptance and recognition for new behaviours, on-going training and resource support, motivate performance through rewards/recognition/social pressures
  • Transform the Family Business to be Learning Driven: Wrap up session, discuss accountability for continued improvement, discuss Relapse management plan, create self-reliant system