How can I be of most service to you right now?

In executive coaching, career coaching, life coaching, health & wellness coaching – the first encounter between the coach and potential coachee is often at the ‘Chemistry Meeting’.

Besides the personal chemistry between the coach and the coachee, there can be a wide range of exploration that can be done in the meeting to establish the likelihood that the working relationship will have a good chance of success.

Typically, the following may be discussed during a chemistry call:

  • Introduction and purpose of the meeting
  • Guidelines for confidentiality of the meeting and the coaching
  • What the client and the coach have been told by the client’s manager and others about the purpose and objectives of the coaching
  • The client’s perceived needs and desired outcomes of the coaching
  • Questions from the client about the coach and how the client would be coached
  • Readiness and motivation of the client for coaching at this time in his life and work
  • The client’s preferences and requirement in coaching and in a coach
  • How the coach works and customisation available for the client
  • Conducting a live coaching session in-the-moment during the meeting to see how it might work with the client
  • Debriefing the meeting and see how the coach and client feel about the chemistry and the coaching
  • Agreeing on next steps and follow-up

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